# it isn't real, believe me

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# it isn't real, believe me

Mensaje por Invitado el 16/3/2012, 10:33

This is my FAMILY
They're the only important people in my life.
+ Parents
[BiologicalDad] Pierre Mourchois
[BiologicalMum] Elise Mourchois
[FalseDad] Maximilien Chevalier

+ Brothers&Sisters:
[BigBrothers] Dominic + Mathias Mourchois
[LittleSister] Cynthia Mourchois

+ Her People:
[TheBoss] Fou

FRIENDS... what's that?
Those people are just pawns who have to die.
+ "Best Friends":
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody

+ Other "Friends":
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody

+ False Family:
[FalseSister] Nobody
[FalseBrother] Nobody

I can't feel LOVE
I'm only using you, don't kid yourself.
[Husband] Nobody
[Let'sGetMarried] Nobody
[Boyfriend] Nobody

+ Essential People:
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody

[IlikeYou] Nobody
[Romance] Nobody
[Lemon+18] Nobody

STRANGERS, I can lack them
You're unnecessary or an annoyance, so stay away from me
+ Known:
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody

+ Totally Strangers:
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody

+ Enemies:
[Girl] Nobody
[Boy] Nobody


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